Prakriti Resource Centre for Women and Development is a registered non-governmental organization that has its focus on programs and activities for the improvement of women’s status. Started as a field based operational centre  Prakriti has grown over the years through its team of dedicated board members, staff, social workers, activists and volunteers from all walks of life. The objective of the organization is to create and run programs that benefit the social, political and economic emancipation of urban and in particular rural women. We sustain women’s groups to help overcome the vagaries of life and living situations related to health, education and employment opportunities.

The organization enjoys a national level recognition and has developed a strong network of alliances with other like-minded national and international organizations. Prakriti aims to boost all efforts that enhance the status of women, by offering ways and means to train women’s groups to build respect and dignity for themselves in present-day society. We showcase their recognition and contribution in families and communities by offering them opportunities to participate effectively in all such transformation processes. Since women constitute an inherent part of society everywhere, it is only right that they be taught to take on equitable positions especially in areas of education, economic opportunities and legal rights.

Despite claims through a cultural heritage that fallaciously perpetuates the glorification of women, Prakriti’s work has shown time and again the deplorable condition of women within families, communities and society at large. It is a fact that women do not enjoy equal status anywhere but are in fact subject to discrimination and subjugation. In the wake of the women’s movement over the past nearly sixty decades, Prakriti has received mentorship from the best minds in our country and abroad. We continue to work steadily towards increasing the participation of women in this heroic struggle. Since the past over twenty years of its existence Prakriti continues to propel the underlying need for women to be associated in this great socio-political transformation.

Working as a resource center on women's issues, the objective has also been to collect important data and information from the ground and put it to use to strengthen women's movement for equality. All such information has been documented and classified based on the different issues that were taken on over the years and is used for wider dissemination in the field. We share the database as reference material for other NGOs and institutions working along similar lines. Prakriti’s resource centre offers a unique library with a collection of reports on various welfare projects that have been implemented. We also have materials and papers of various seminars, workshops, research studies, along with books, magazines, manuals, audio-visuals and documentaries.